Your Sound of Music Stories

As you may have guessed, I’m pretty passionate about The Sound of Music! It's been more than forty years for me since first seeing the movie. I have never tired of it, and that passion has fired me to spend countless hours, days, weeks and months on reading, researching and writing about every aspect of the world’s greatest musical. My aim is to provide the best, most comprehensive and easily available resource for anyone wishing to find information on The Sound of Music.

I could go on and on telling my Sound of Music stories, about going on The Tour in Salzburg, singing at Singalongs with hundreds of other followers. Or throwing those amazing Sound of Music Parties at my home.

What would be far more interesting, however, would be to hear your story. Do you love The Sound of Music too? Share your passion with all of us! For example, what was it you loved about your Sound of Music Tour? How did you do it? Can you pass on any great tips to make a trip to Salzburg even more enjoyable?

What other Julie Andrews movies have you enjoyed? Have you read one of the books that she has written?

Or what about that amazing costume that you wore to a Sing-along. Inspire others. Can you help to make someone’s S of M party come alive with more great ideas? Maybe you have a delicious recipe for a cake or strudel.

Click on the relevant link below to submit your story in that category. It will appear on its very own Sound of Music Guide web page for other visitors to read and enjoy. Do you have a picture or two to go with your story? Fantastic – we would all love to see them too! ….and it’s so easy to do.

So let's hear your Sound of Music stories!

Share with us Anything Sound of Music - little known facts and interesting information that we would like to hear about.

Tell us about your Sound of Music Tour experience

What did you enjoy most about the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont?

Write your review here on the Trapp Villa Hotel in Salzburg

What helpful ideas do you have for a great Sound of Music Party?

Share your creative costume, or funny Sound of Music Singalong experience. Send us a photo!

Share your other favorite movies or TV shows starring Sound of Music cast members.

Give us your opinion on a Julie Andrews Book that she has written by sending a review.

Tell us what you thought of The Oprah Winfrey Show Cast Reunion. Who was your favorite, did you enjoy the von Trapp children performing, and what about Christopher Plummer's reaction to his first reunion?

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