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The von Trapp Family Lodge, in Stowe, Vermont, is today run by Johannes von Trapp, the youngest child of Maria von Trapp, and his son Samuel. The lodge is on the land where the family originally settled in the 1940s when they purchased an old farmhouse. The house was named “Cor Unum”, meaning “one heart”. From here the family would go on tour for a good part of the year and whilst they were away, would rent out their home to guests.

They then decided to bring to the lodge their love of music, and started running music camps as the number of guests increased. By the 1950’s it had been turned into a ski lodge, but then in 1980 a devastating fire burnt the lodge down.

With Johannes’ creative ability and vision,Trapp Family Lodge the Trapp Family Lodge was rebuilt into a very successful business, by expanding the size of the lodge and adding timeshare chalets. Now it is estimated that every year 150,000 people visit the lodge.

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Of course some of the lodge’s success is in part due to the connection with the von Trapp family story. A magnificent collection of photos, books and other memorabilia of the von Trapp family history, lie everywhere throughout the lodge.

Its success is also due to the fact that the The Sound of Music movie was based on Maria von Trapp’s real life story. This has brought in movie fans from around the world to stay at the Lodge, which is still owned and run by the real von Trapp family.

“The movie is one of the reasons – the big one – that people come here”
Ron Tanner, Marketing Consultant at the von Trapp Lodge.

On many occasions, Johannes von Trapp has been asked to have his photo taken with guests staying at the von Trapp Family Lodge. So one year the staff presented him with a life-size cardboard cut out photograph of himself which could be left standing at reception when Johannes was not available!

“For some guests, it’s a very important experience, almost religious, to meet a von Trapp.”
Hans von Wees, General Manager of the Lodge

The Trapp Family Lodge, as well as the timeshare chalets and many comfortable rooms, offers a library, other reading areas and open fires throughout. In the way of entertainment there is snowshoeing, cross country skiing with the best trails in eastern USA, a fitness center including an outdoor Jacuzzi and an indoor pool, rock climbing wall and hot tub.Trapp Maple Syrup There are sleigh rides taking in the stunning views surrounding the property.

Every March some of the von Trapp family members and staff begin the process of maple sugaring. It is possible to see them collect the sap in buckets and then boil it into syrup. Every Saturday in March the sugar house is open to visitors to watch the organic maple syrup being made.

If you are keen to find out more about the von Trapp Family, there are history tours and daily viewings of the movie ‘The Real Maria von Trapp’ and of course ‘The Sound of Music’.

“For fans of the Sound of Music, it’s the ultimate nostalgia trip”
The Conde Nast Traveler

When the snow melts at the von Trapp Family Lodge, guests can enjoy garden tours, tennis, mountain biking and a variety of workshops. There are pleasant walks over the fields and a visit to the family cemetery is a must. Here Maria and Georg’s grave is beautifully kept. The family and staff spend a great deal of time and effort tending to the flowers. Trapp Family Chapel

It was Werner von Trapp, also buried in the family cemetery, who built the small, stone chapel, as a gesture of thanksgiving to mark his safe return from the war. It is well worth the uphill trek to see it. Sam von Trapp married Elisa outside this chapel, as it can only fit about four people inside!

Duane Chase, who played Kurt in The Sound of Music and the rest of the ‘non Trapp children’ (as the actors call themselves), were invited to The von Trapp Family Lodge, to dedicate an apple tree in memory of Werner von Trapp. Duane was asked to say a few words as his character in the movie was based on Werner. It was a moving day for both the real von Trapp Family and their movie counterparts, with Elisabeth von Trapp, one of Maria von Trapp’s grand daughters, accompanying everyone on her guitar, whilst singing Edelweiss.Trapp Sign

Music is still a very important part in the life of the von Trapps, and during the summer, Sunday concerts are held in the meadow. Part of the Vermont Mozart Festival is also performed in the grounds of the von Trapp Family Lodge, followed by fireworks.

Guests are regularly entertained with performances from local musicians. A harpist can be found playing in the dining room and a pianist, jazz musician John Cassel frequently entertains visitors. As part of his program he performs a jazz version of The Sound of Music.

Johannes von Trapp now admits that when the Sound of Music was released everything changed, “The film, for better or for worse, made us a mass market commodity”.

I am sure that when his rooms are full of guests, and the fans are enjoying tea with homemade jam and bread in the Austrian Tea Room, he is only too thankful that The Sound of Music made the von Trapp family into a household name. A family who are now considered to be the most famous musical family in the world!

The full address of the von Trapp Family Lodge is
700 Trapp Hill Road
Stowe, VT
Phone (802) 253-8511

Have you visited the Trapp Family Lodge?

The von Trapps settled in Vermont in 1941, where they built their home, which they later turned into a hotel.

What did you like best about your stay? Which room would you recommend to future visitors? Did you stay in summer or winter? What was the skiing like!!? Has anyone taken the sleigh ride? Oh, and did you meet any members of the von Trapp family? I would love to hear all about your trip to Stowe, particularly as I am planning to go there soon!

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