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The Trapp Villa Hotel is the real von Trapp family’s former home, steeped in von Trapp family history. It has been lovingly restored by its proud managers Christopher Unterkofler and his partner Marianne Dorfer, to it’s former glory. Here they are, in front of the Trapp Villa. Christopher and Marianne

“Fans will be able to walk where the von Trapps walked, sleep where they slept” - Christopher Unterkofler

The Trapp Villa is now a hotel, so why not stay in this wonderful historic building? Click here to find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor about the hotel. The Villa can be found on the outskirts of Salzburg at Traunstarsse 34, Aigen 5026, and is easily reached by bus, train or taxi. As Christopher himself will only be too pleased to tell you on arriving, or when you take a tour of the house, it has had quite a varied past…

In 1863 the villa was originally built for Walburga Weinwurm and was given the name ‘Villa Walburga”. It was designed by Salzburg’s architect Valentin Ceconi and is in one of Salzburg’s most sought after areas.

In 1883 the villa was refurbished for Raimund Hugo Count of Lamberg.

In 1923 Baron Georg von Trapp purchased the villa.

From 1923-1938 the von Trapps lived in the house.Trapp Villa Hotel Maria came to work for the von Trapp family and as we know from the story of the Sound of Music, ended up marrying the Baron. During the family’s financial crisis, Maria decided to rent out rooms to guests. It was in the chapel in the house where she met Father Wasner, who became a good friend of the family.

In 1938, after the Von Trapp family had left Austria, the Nazis took over the house and used it as their HQ. SS Chief Heinrich Himmler lived there, and it was Himmler who had the wall built around the property for security. He also had an underground bunker built amongst the trees, which can still be seen today. Now it is being used as a cellar.

From 1947-2008 the villa was not open to the public. After the war, the von Trapp family sold the property to a Catholic Missionary order, called The Missionaries of the Precious Blood. When the members decided to move back to a larger building on the grounds, Marianne Dorfer came up with the idea of turning the house into The Trapp Villa Hotel.

In 2008 The Trapp Villa Hotel opened with members of the von Trapp family present. One special guest was Maria von Trapp, daughter of Georg, who at the age of 94 years, flew from America to be part of the celebrations. Daughter Maria at Trapp Villa It was a very emotional experience for her, going back to her family home with all the memories in the house……...standing in the hallway she remembered sliding down the banisters with her brothers and sisters. She looked out of the window and remembered them all climbing the apple trees outside. Maria, as you can see in the photo, was still keen to pick up her guitar and entertained some local children.

I was so excited last night, I couldn't sleep" - Maria (daughter) von Trapp talking about being back at her family home

Today you can stay at the Trapp Villa Hotel in one of its 14 rooms that are luxuriously furnished, Trapp Villa Bedroom having wonderful views over the city’s largest private park. The von Trapp Hotel is a totally unique place offering weddings in their private chapel. Christopher’s knowledge not only of the house itself but of the von Trapp family is immense. You will even find a Sound of Music DVD ready for you to watch in your hotel room.

Even though this particular house was not used in the movie, its significance is huge, not only because it was the real von Trapps family home, but also because it was here that the Baron stood up to the Nazi regime and to Hitler himself.

The Trapp Villa Hotel is a must for any Sound of Music fan, but remember to leave the curtains at the windows…… I don’t think Christopher and Marianne would be too keen on you turning them into play clothes!

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