Why Not Try These Themed Areas And Decorations?

Give your home a Sound of Music feel!

For your Sound of Music party, try these themed areas and decorations around your home.  Have areas set up around the house to portray events in the movie, by putting up signs such as:

• Ballroom - for music, dancing, drinks, decorated with Austrian flags.

• Theater – line up rows of chairs in front of the screen if you are showing the movie. Try hanging a large pair of velvet curtains in front of the screen to give it a more realistic theatrical feel.

Alternatively, if you love singing, hire a karaoke machine, load up the Sound of Music Karaoke CD and sing your hearts out. Or for the very adventurous, put on a puppet show just like in the movie. Have your very own singing goat puppet and a few other suitable marionettes and get everyone to join in with the yodelling part of the Lonely Goatherd!

• Convent – a quieter area, if you feel it is needed, with candles and seating, statues and crosses.

• The Terrace – for the garden area. Who knows, there may be a couple found dancing to the Landler outside on your patio!

You could even label the bedrooms with signs saying ‘Maria’s bedroom’, or ‘Liesel’s bedroom' or ‘Kurt’s bedroom' depending on who is in your family.

• Pictures - Put up some pictures of movie locations in Salzburg. Pick up some posters or brochures from your local travel agent. How about printing off life size photos of the von Trapp children's faces. You could even make a game out of asking the party guests to name each one of them

Themed areas and decorations can add the right look and feel to the evening, putting all your guests in the mood to party.

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