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The Sound of Music Play has been staged in theaters all round the world, including the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It has been translated into many languages, in Brazil it is known as 'A novica rebelde' (The Rebel Novice), and in Holland as 'De mooiste muziek' (The Most Beautiful Music). It has also been shown in other countries including Japan, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Mexico, Israel and China. An estimated 600,000 people see The Sound of Music show on stage around the world every year.

You can find out here where shows and singalongs are currently being shown.

It is a wonderful musical perfect for anyone,
of any age to enjoy all the Linda at The Sound of Music Showfamous songs ……‘My Favourite Things’ ‘Sixteen Going on Seventeen', ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain' and the best loved one of all ‘The Sound of Music'.

I was very fortunate because in 2008 I went to see The Sound of Music play at the London Palladium in England (that's me in the photo, before the show). Seeing Connie Fisher playing the part of Maria was amazing.

“It would be true to say about Connie Fisher that Andrew Lloyd Webber has discovered a major star who looks set to be much more than a one hit wonder!” Anon

Connie Fisher Her voice was beautiful, singing all the show tunes with melodic ease. I sat there and wondered whether it was pure coincidence that Connie looked, sounded and acted much like Julie did herself in the movie? She seemed a perfect cast for the role, acting with such charm and confidence.

I was intrigued to find out how the Austrian Alps would be squeezed into the theater? Well with a bit of technical wizardry, they did it! It takes an incredible thirty hours to build the stage set for this show.

The children were talented and adorable, and their performances were central in making it great family entertainment. Just like the movie, the children in the cast regularly need complete new sets of costumes to cope with them getting taller and their feet getting bigger as they grow!

Did you know that Maria has fourteen seconds to change into her Sound of Music wedding dress? That is not very long, no wonder she needs her own personal dresser to help her back stage!

Of course it was not only the original Broadway shows and The West End shows where you could see The Sound of Music play. It is being shown in many theatres and schools - possibly in a town near you. If you know of any production that would like to be advertised on this website, just let us know all the details and we will make sure you get a mention here.

Sandra Pires In 2005 the first Sound of Music stage show in Austria was performed, in Vienna. The stage show and film were never popular in Austria and Germany as the story happens during a time in history that most people would prefer to forget, when Austria became a victim of Nazi Germany. It makes it even more amazing therefore, that this performance at the Vienna Volksoper, was acted completely in German. Sandra Pires (right), a popular singer in Austria, starred as Maria.

MarionettesIn Salzburg The Sound of Music play has now even been adapted into a puppet show, at the Salzburg Marionette Theater. If you ever go to Salzburg then try and plan a trip to see this tiny show. It is wonderful and you will certainly be enthralled by their amazing movements and gestures of the marionettes. I would highly recommend seats as close to the stage as possible, so the marionettes detailed workmanship can best be appreciated.

“These little figures illuminate the stage in ways you wouldn't think possible." The Los Angeles Times

The company goes on tour during the winter, but are back in Salzburg from March to October. Tickets can be purchased at the box office which can be found on Schwarzstrasse 24, at most hotels or well in advance through ticket agencies such as Panorama Tours.
Bil Baird Puppets
Did you know that you can still see the puppets from the Lonely Goatherd movie scene? They can be found in the MacNider Art Museum in Iowa, USA. There is the largest collection of Bil Baird's puppets anywhere in the world.

Ever since The Sound of Music play was first shown on stage back in 1959, it has held it’s popularity, and will surely go on filling theaters and delighting audiences in years to come.

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