Just today found your website.
And, some weeks ago - I did find the house, pleased to see it's fine restoration.
However, not until later did I discover that tours were available on request.
That afternoon, I rang the bells, but there was no answer. So, if a future visit happens,
now I have better information.

In Spring 1970, on our way to Vienna from our home then in Geneva, we stopped in
Salzburg. Before leaving the states in 1968, our 3 children's expectation was that they would see Maria coming over every mountain! During our Salzburg stop, we re-read the
story. "We should write to Maria and thank her for her story!" they said. We did write
and Maria responded and invited us to stop in Stowe when back in the states. We did that finally in 1977 - and she was there to welcome us.

Since the house was in 1970 closed, I climbed atop trash cans outside the wall to take a picture. Now at 80, I am grateful that I did not have to do that this time. Know thanks for renewing these good family memories!
Aurora CO USA

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