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If you are in Salzburg, Austria why not do The Sound of Music Tour?
A must for the serious Sound of Music fan. Whether you book an organized tour or go independently to find the movie locations...
enjoy the pilgrimage.

LTandC at LeopoldskronAround 50,000 people take one of the Sound of Music Tours every year. The first tours started when movie fans began to show up in Salzburg looking for The Sound of Music film locations. The Herzl family, who had helped director Robert Wise and the film crew with the filming logistics, would take the fans to all the different places in and around Salzburg. This is how the 'Original Sound of Music Tour' started with Panorama Tours. Now there are many tour operators, and a number of different ways to see these legendary film locations.

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How do you get to Salzburg by road, rail or air? Check out our Salzburg Travel Guide page. Save money while visiting many top attractions by purchasing a Salzburg Card.

Find out the film locations in Salzburg town - Nonnberg Abbey, Mozart Bridge, Residence Square and Fountain, St. Peter’s Cemetery, Rock Riding School, Horse Pond, Monchsberg Cliffs, and Mirabell Palace and Gardens.

Explore a little further and discover the film locations on the outskirts of Salzburg - Leopoldskron Lake and Palace, Gazebo (Pavilion) at Hellbrun, and Frohnberg Castle.

Out of town, but well worth the effort, you can seek out the film locations in the surrounding Salzkammergut region – Mondsee Cathedral, St. Gilgen, Wolgangsee, Anif and Fuschl Castles, and Hohenwerfen Fortress.

"The decision to film on location was pivotal to the Sound of Music's success" - Dan Willmott,

The Organized Sound of Music Tour Option

There are several ways of taking an organized Sound of Music sightseeing tour with a tour company. You can catch a comfortable ride on a coach, or you may prefer a more intimate mini-bus ride. Cruise down the river on a boat, relax in a rickshaw, travel in style in a horse-drawn carriage, jump on a bike and pedal, or burn some calories and walk. How about an amazing trip around the region in a helicopter? Now that sounds breathtaking.
What a choice!

Take a look at our Sound of Music Vacations page, where you will find current specialized vacations, including a wonderful Austrian Tour coming up later this year.

The Do-It-Yourself Option

If you are an independent traveler who likes to do your own thing, and see the sights in your own time, then there are lots of options for you to choose from ...

Do you like wheels? There are some unusual ways of travelling. Any idea what a Segway is? You can hire a Movelo or an Octopus bike! Find out more….. Or the more classic way ……you can jump in a rental car, catch a taxi, take a bus or tram, go up on the funicular railway, rent a bike, or just walk your way around town to the sound of an iJourneyAt Hohenwerfen on your MP3 player.

Spend as much time as you like in each place and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Pick out some of the major locations in and around Salzburg for a full day trip, or dedicate two or three days to take in some of the gorgeous locations in the surrounding Salzkammergut region of Austria.

Why not make your way over to Aigen to find the original Trapp Villa? Although not featured in the movie, it's a beautiful house to see. You do have to be staying there (it's now a hotel) to see inside.

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Singing 'I Have Confidence' at the Residence Fountain was my favorite thing on our family S of M Tour, knowing Julie Andrews had been there and done the same thing! Do you have a great story to tell about taking the Tour? Keep us all up-to-date with what's happening on the Salzburg tour scene. Perhaps you have a tip or two to pass on, to make a stay in the region even more enjoyable. What was the highlight for you? Jumping up and down the steps at Mirabelle Gardens perhaps, or maybe hunting down the beautiful alpine meadow where Maria and the children sang 'Do-Re-Mi' with Hohenwerfen Fortress as a backdrop? Remember to include a photo or two if you wish.

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Photos of Mehlweg and the final scene 
Hi, I did visit the site of Mehlweg. I am attaching some photos. The first photo is looking in the same direction Maria runs down the "mountain" when …

Directions to Do Re Mi Picnic Meadow 
If you are looking to find the meadow where the Do Re Mi opening scene was filmed then here are the directions: Take the A10 south from Salzburg,and …

Our Sound of Music Remake 
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Viewing the lakeside house from the opposite side. 
In 1988, I was on the SoM tour in the autumn of that year. The tour bus stopped along the road at the lakeside in order to afford us a long range perspective …

Inspirational Film! 
I really do love this film when I feel down it brings me so much happiness. I feel that this film has inspired me to take my performing arts course at …

The opening scene hill at Mehlweg

I have been to the opening scene hill where Julie does her twirl, and thought I would give directions on here, so others may be able to find it too. From …

My Wonderful Sound of Music Tour 
Living in South Africa, it was my dream to go to Austria. In August 2007 we visited a friend in Vienna and then went to Salzburg. I’ve also seen the …

Doing The Sound of Music Tour on Foot? 
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Hello, I was young and working as a yard gardening helper, one of the Homes to work for, and I met this group of three sisters, from Rhode Island, their …

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