The Sound of Music Crew
- Making The Movie A Reality

Bil and Cora BairdThe Sound of Music crew were the hidden stars behind this phenomenal movie. Everyone contributed, in their own way, to make the film the success that it was.

But how many people know who wrote the screenplay, the name of the costume designer, or who made the puppets for the ‘lonely goatherd’ scene? What about the children’s schooling for all those months that they were filming – who were their teachers for that time?

Below is a list of the entire production crew:

Robert Wise
Saul Chaplin
Ernest Lehman
Saul Wurtzel
Ridgeway Callow
Richard Lang
Owen McLean
Lee Wallace
Betty Levin
Boris Levan
Harry Kemm
Maurice Zuberano

Paul Beeson
L.B. Abbott
Emil Kosa Jr.
Ruby Levitt
Walter M. Scott
Ted McCord
Paul Lockwood
Roger Shearman
James Mitchell
Murray Spivack
Bernard Freericks
Bill Buffinger
Fred Haynes
James Corcoran
Orrick Barrett
Jesse Long
Walter Fitchman
Fred Richter
Jack Dimmack
Jack Brown
Eddie Jones
Glen “Skippy” Delfino
Benny Greenberg
Bill Buell
Ben Nye
Ray Foreman
Margaret Donovan
Dorothy Jeakins
Dick James
Josephine Brown
William Reynolds
Larry Allen
Frances Klamt
Jean Seaman
Marc Breaux
Dee Dee Wood
Irwin Kostal
Robert Tucker
Harper MacKay
Buddy Cole
Robert Mayer
Lynn McKee
Mike Kaplan
Carol Shapiro
Pamela Danova
Bil and Cora Baird
Richard Rodgers
Oscar Hammerstein II
Howard Lindsay
Russel Crouse
Associate Producer
Unit Production Manager
Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
Art Director
Assistant Art Director
Sketch Artist/Second Unit Supervisor
Second Unit Photographer
Special Visual Effects
Special Visual Effects
Set Director
Set Director
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Camera Technician
Sound Mixer
Sound Recorder
Boom Man
Cable Man
Key Grip
Best Boy
Best Boy
Property Master
Assistant Property Master
Second Assistant Property Master
Makeup Man
Makeup Man
Costume Designer
Costume (Men)
Costume (Women)
Film Editor
Assistant Film Editor
Music Supervisor
Vocal Coach
Rehearsal Pianist
Jazz Organist
Music Editor
Technical Advisor
Assistant Publicity
Dialogue Coach
Original Music and Lyrics
Original Lyrics
Dorothy Jeakins

Did you know...

costume designer Dorothy Jeakins (in photo on right) was given a cameo role as one of the nuns in the abbey?

Buddy Cole

jazz organist Buddy Cole played the organ for the soundtrack of the movie, but suffered a fatal heart attack on November 5th 1964, the day after the recording sessions finished.

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