Sound of Music Costumes...
who will you be going as?

Sound of Music costumes are a great way to get people in the right mood for a singalong party, and are essential for maximum fun if you are going to the theater for an organized singalong.

a singing nun

For your party, ask friends and family to come dressed as their favorite character, perhaps a nun, or an object or song from the movie.

We have some great suggestions for home-made or purchased outfits. Be as creative as you like. Once dressed up, everyone will really make the place come alive.

“There are as many performers off-screen as on." Beth Nissen Senior Correspondent

Whether you are holding a party at home,Singalong Nuns or going to an organized singalong, here are some Sound of Music costumes ideas that I have seen or used myself........

• The Gazebo – attach a mosquito net over a large umbrella. It would be even better to fit two people under the umbrella, for Rolf and Liesel and sing`Sixteen Going on Seventeen! Jam Costume

• A Jew (Adieu, adieu, adieu) – wear a long black coat, black hat, with a long beard. Sing So Long Farewell.

• Tea with jam and Bread – hold a packet of tea, a loaf of bread and a jar of jam. Arrive singing Do – Re – Mi!

• Ray a Drop of Golden Sun – wear a gold lycra catsuit and sing Do–Re–Mi.

I've heard some funny stories, such as one guy turning up covered head to toe in gold paint; it appears he had come as Ray, a drop of golden sun." - Julie Andrews

Trish Back A Lonely Goat Turd (Goat herd) – blow up black balloons and attach them all over your body.

• Brown Paper Package – find a large roll of brown paper and tie it around you with some string. Make sure you can still move around easily and sit down comfortably.

• A Pregnant Nun ?!
Plumber Linda
• A Plumber (as in Christopher Plummer) –wear a boiler suit and carry a wrench/spanner and tool bag.

• A Pair of Curtains - complete with curtain rod across your shoulders.

Boy dressed up as a German Soldier

• The Alps - covered in shaving cream (could get a little messy!)

• A German Soldier – our son went dressed as this and won first prize in the kids category!

• Jar of Spiders – preferably plastic ones! (Maria:”How did you ever climb up there?” Liesl:”It’s how we always got into this room to play tricks on the governess. Louisa can make it with a whole jar of spiders in her hand”)Baroness Costume.

• Baroness - dress up as Elsa Schrader. Check out Thrift/Charity shops, or ask an older friend or relative for a suitably dated outfit.

• Maria – carrying guitar case.

• Gretl's hurt finger - wrap a bandage around your head, neck and shoulders.

Nun Distributorcap Costume

• A Distributor Cap - if you have time make your own or go in to your garage and find some spare car parts (a distributor cap on your head maybe?)

• Pine cone and chair – when Maria sits down and has her first meal with the Von Trapps she sits on a pine cone. Cover yourself in pine cones! Your partner could carry a small chair.

Marionettes Costume Bride – in a Sound of Music wedding dress. A perfect reason to bring out your old wedding dress, if you can fit into it!

• Puppets - dress up as one of the marionettes in the 'Lonely Goatherd' puppet show. Attach some strings from your hands up to two pieces of wood. (see photo)

• One Little Girl in a Pale Pink Coat.
tea bag

• A Tea Bag - find an old single duvet cover or sheet to sew up into a tea bag shape and cut some holes for head, hands and feet. For added effect, draw a big letter 'T' and staple some leaves from your garden all over (tea leaves!).

Liesl12 • Liesl - if you are the practical type who can use a sewing machine and loves making clothes, you can purchase a Liesl dress pattern at a very reasonable cost, and really be the talk of the party or singalong! See the fabulous result in the photo on the right.

Let your imagination go wild………be creative, be ingenious. You never know……you might just win a prize for one of the best Sound of Music costumes!

If you are a busy person and have little time to work on a costume, then you can always buy the perfect nun’s outfit for yourself……… husband did!Priest Gustavo

If you would prefer to show your legs, why not go for more of an alpine look? Here are some Austrian costume ideas for you to buy.

Oh and get a dog’s nuns outfit for your pet, so he can join in the fun as well.

Try your nearest Thrift/Charity Store for costumes. My friend found an amazing clergyman's outfit for $7, which he wore to our recent Sound of Music Party. He claimed that in the movie there was definitely a priest in the convent!!

It's not necessary to dress in Sound of Music costumes, but if you do, it makes it much more fun!

However, if dressing up is not your thing, then you can always go as yourself............... as

‘Mi, a name I call myself” !

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