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Who Played Who in the Movie

We all know that The Sound of Music cast starred Julie Andrews as Maria, and Christopher Plummer as the stern Captain von Trapp, but which other actors and actresses played The Sound of Music characters in one of the biggest movies in history?

What did The Sound of Music actors and actresses do before The Sound of Music and where are they now?

How was Kym Karath discovered for the role of Gretl?

 Maria von Trapp cameo appearanceDo you know in which scenes Larri Thomas stood in for Julie Andrews?

Have you noticed the real Maria von Trapp making a cameo appearance in the movie? The photo on the right is a clue!

Find out interesting facts and information by clicking on the actor's or actress's names in The Sound of Music cast list below:

Julie Andrews
Christopher Plummer

Eleanor Parker
Richard Haydn
Peggy Wood

Charmian Carr
Heather Menzies
Nicholas Hammond
Duane Chase
Angela Cartwright
Debbie Turner
Kym Karath

Anna Lee
Portia Nelson
Ben Wright
Daniel Truhitte
Norma Varden
Gilchrist Stuart
Marni Nixon
Evadne Baker
Doris Lloyd

Gertrude Astor
Alan Callow
Sam Harris
Bill Lee
Margery McKay
Jeffrey Sayre
Doreen Tryden
Larri Thomas
Dorothy Jeakins
Maria von Trapp
Captain Von Trapp

The Baroness (Elsa Schraeder)
Max Detweiler
Mother Abbess


Sister Margaretta
Sister Berthe
Herr Zeller
Frau Schmidt
Sister Sophia
Sister Bernice
Baroness Elberfeld

Party Guest
Party Guest
Singing voice of The Captain
Singing voice of Mother Abbess
Party Guest
Sister Agatha
Stand-in for Julie Andrews
Cameo role as a nun
Cameo role as a passer-by

Director Robert Wise and his casting consultants were widely recognized as having done a superb job in assembling a cast that included so many unknown, but very talented names. After an extensive search and more than two hundred auditions, the children were chosen, not just for their acting and singing skills, but also for their personality and 'presence'. Many of The Sound of Music actors and actresses formed a strong bond with each other, a cameraderie that still lasts today...

"Who would have thought back in 1964 that we'd all still be together after all these years? Who would have thought that our fictional family would grow into a real one?"

Charmian Carr, 'Forever Liesl'

Go to The Sound of Music Crew for information on the production crew.

Have you seen other movies starring Sound of Music cast members?

The list is long - Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, and many of the other cast members have been in many other movies or TV shows during their careers. Have you seen any of them? What was your favorite? Share your thoughts and recommendations, so that we can head straight down to our local movie rental store!

Some of my favorites were the 1960's TV series Lost In Space with Angela Cartwright, the 2006 bank heist movie The Inside Man with Christopher Plummer, and the 1966 spy thriller Torn Curtain with Julie Andrews and my teenage heartthrob Paul Newman.

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