A Sound of Music Cake
For That Special Occasion

A Sound of Music Cake? If you are holding a Sound of Music party, a cake can literally be ‘the icing on the cake’ to round off the celebrations.

This is for those that are feeling adventurous, or maybe you know a friend or a local cake shop that could bake and decorate a cake for you.

Here are some original ideas ranging from relatively simple designs to much more complex creations. Try and use ingredients that will make your cake an incredible, totally edible experience!

Cake NunCake Two Tier

Cake Record PlayerCake Yellow

Sound of Music Spoof cakeCake Nun Drinking

Sound of Music Cake

This work of art on the right is the creation of Christopher Garrens Cakes in Costa Mesa, Southern California.

cake gustavo dave

cake trish

My friend Trish baked this wonderful cake for our recent Sound of Music 45th Anniversary party. She even had edible grass and edelweiss on the top!

Sound of Music TierCake

If you create your own special design, and you would like to share it, or would like to pass on some useful tips, please let me know.

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