Ray (a drop of golden sun), Doe (a deer), Bread & Jam, Nun, Maria, Brown Paper Package tied up with String, Fraulein Schweiger (aka the bowing lady) & German Soldier

by Bridget
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Our Family has 10 girls (Grandmothers 3, Children 3 and Granddaughters 4. In 2007 we started doing "Tea for Ten" Tea Parties, which have progressed in to Themed (full costume) Tea Parties. Today we did our Sound of Music Sing-a-long Tea Party and it was great fun! (We were missing one grandmother). We had a full menu: Viennese Potato Soup, Meat and Cheese Platter, Fondu w/ Bread, Teenie Weenies, Salami filled w/ Cream, Apple Strudel, Chocolate Cake and of course selections of Tea. We played two games: SOM Trivia and Pin the Horns on the Goats and then we watched the Sing-a-long DVD.

We got a lot of ideas from your website, thank you very much - it was BY FAR the BEST Sound of Music website we came across! You've done an excellent job!

My cup runneth over,
Bridget and Family

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