Let's Play Some Party Games With Your Family and Friends!

Here are some favorite party games with a Sound of Music twist...

• Pin the tail on the goat – have a large picture of a mountain goat on a board. Cut out plenty of tails from a sheet of paper and have a pot of tacks at hand. Blindfold a guest, give them a Maria twirl to disorientate them, hand them a tail and tack and watch them place the tail on the goat. The most accurate wins! Giving out prizes adds to the fun.

• My Favorite things – divide guests into groups of two or three, hand out to each group items you find in the song lyrics of My Favorite Things. For example, large pieces of brown paper, some string, mittens (gloves will do), a blue satin sash (a strip of blue material) snowflakes (cut out from white paper), false eyelashes, black face paint for kitten whiskers and any bells that you find.

The idea of the game is to dress up one person in the group as the song, My Favorite Things. As you can imagine the results are pretty outrageous!

For anyone not familiar with the song, you can print out the lyrics from our Sound of Music Lyrics page for them to use.

• Sound of Music Kim's Game - This is one of my favorite party games. Place between 15-20 objects on a tray. If possible make the items related to the movie. For example a whistle, pine cone, a small toy goat, a pair of mittens, a rose, bells, a packet of noodles, a piece of blue sash, a plastic snowflake, string, a wimple (a new word for some children?), a puppet, a needle and thread, tea, jam and bread, an Austrian flag, a cuckoo clock!! I'm sure that there are plenty more that you can think of...
Have the children sit around the tray of items, give them a minute to try to memorize as many items as they can. Get the children to look away while one item is removed from the tray. Keep that item hidden away, then ask the children which item is missing.
A variation on this game for older children is to get them to study the tray of items, then have each child write down as many items that they can remember on a list.

• Flashlight Tag –This game mimics the scene where the von Trapp family are hiding in the convent, trying to escape and Rolf is looking for them using his flashlight. The game can only be played if it is dark. One person is dressed as a German soldier (a soldier's hat would be good) and is given a flashlight. All the lights in your house are switched off, and the rooms are made as dark as possible Everyone else has to hide and keep quiet, just like in the movie. The person dressed as Rolf then goes to find the rest of the group. If ‘Rolf’ hears a noise he puts on the flashlight and if he sees someone then they are taken to a designated area - ‘the jail’. The person who has been caught can only be freed when another member of the von Trapp Family comes to the jail and releases them. The object of the game is for Rolf to catch every von Trapp Family member! This one is my favorite of all the party games, we have played 'Flashlight Tag' often with friends. The kids love it.

• Sound of Music Quiz – if your guests are big fans of the movie, then why not set up a quiz to test their knowledge. Click here for some ready made questions.

Have fun playing these party games! Let us know if you can think of any more, so that we can share your ideas.

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