Party Favors To Save Time, Effort and Money

Here are a few ideas for some Sound of Music Party Favors for you to use at your party…

An easy way to present your Sound of Music party bag with the favors inside, would be of course to put them in a brown paper bag such as a lunch bag, tied up with string! I always feel comfortable when working within a theme, so here is a list of items that can be used that relate to the movie in some way:

• A whistle
• Candy whistles
• Edelweiss seeds
• Movie tickets
• Movie rental coupon
• Movie poster (free at rental stores)
• Packet of popcorn
• Flashlight
• Mittens
• Snowflake stickers

Of course items will vary according to your budget, but party favors tend to be small, inexpensive gifts for your guests to take home with them. It is a way of saying thank you for coming and a small keep sake to help them remember the party.

Remember to:
Give out the same party favors to everyone.
Have a couple of extra bags for those unexpected guests!

After hosting my kids' birthday parties for the last 16 years, I know how important party favors are. Whatever the age or reason for holding your party, it always feels good to see the smile on your guests’ faces when leaving, clutching a party bag in their hands. We even gave out party bags at my Dad’s 70th birthday party!

Use your imagination! Let us know if you have any other great Party Favor ideas that you can share with us all by contacting us.

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