My Wonderful Sound of Music Tour

by Marlene Esterhuizen
(South Africa)

Living in South Africa, it was my dream to go to Austria. In August 2007 we visited a friend in Vienna and then went to Salzburg. I’ve also seen the movie , 300 times??? and now that I'm a grandmother of 2 I’m still watching the movie. The chocolate in Austria is so awesome as well as the ice cream for I had to follow my husband from one ice cream shop to the other!!!

We stayed at the AM Moos guesthouse in Salzburg - the Strasse family let you feel so at home that you must go back there again. The Alphs mountain is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!! We also went on the Panorama Tours with Peter as our guide - a day I will never ever forget! Although it rained I felt like I was in heaven! To walk and see the places where the movie was made just took my breath away. Due to a music festival in Salzburg we could only stay 2 days, but it was worth every minute. We didn't have the time to go to the "mountain" or to the Abbey but I was lucky to be standing next to the so popular dwarf. To see such a lot of people in the SOM tour bus was amazing! To think I'm not the only one that is addicted (like Linda!) to the movie. I bought some gifts at the shop opposite the church in Mondsee which I will treasure all my life. Those living in Salzburg - you have a piece of heaven there. The flowers in the gardens and around the houses are so beautiful. I never thought of asking if there were seeds of the so famous Edelweiss flower one can buy. I would love to have them in my house or in my garden! I'm dreaming of going back there when it is snowing – at Christmas time perhaps - what a beautiful sight it must be! Looking forward to reading other people’s experiences in Salzburg and to view their photos. Interesting that a lot of my photos taken on the tour are almost the same as those taken by other people on the same spots!

Thank you all for sharing your love for the movie and to Linda for this wonderful website!!!

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The Sound of Music tour 2013/2014
by: Marléne Esterhuizen

We went to Salzburg in 2007 (photos above) and in December 2013 again. The Sound of Music is my favourite movie and I can watch it over and over. So wonderful to have found a website like this giving more about the movie. Salzburg is the most beautiful city with the old buildings, the Alps and the people are so friendly (Vienna too). Living in South Africa anything I can find about the movie is on the internet. So many thank yous for this interesting website with all extra. I love sharing my photos and would also like to see other peoples photos for I believe we must have stood at the same place taking the photos when on TSOM tour. We would have loved to see more snow when we were there during Dec and Jan 2014, luckily along the road were a few places with snow. Hope other SOM fans will also put their photos here for us to see. Thank you for this opportunity to share my love for Julie Andrews and the movie with others.

Salzburg delights
by: Linda

Thanks for the tip on the chocolate, Marlene - I'll definitely check that out on my next trip to Salzburg. As you suggest, it must be wonderful to visit there in winter. The surrounding Salzkammergut region must look even more beautiful than it does in summer.

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