Loved it!

by Jay

Revisiting with these wonderful people who have been such an important part of my life since I was a little boy in the 1960s (even though they don't know it--except maybe Charmian, in whose "Letters to Liesl" I'm proud to say my name is spread between pages 184 and 185 of the acknowledgments!) was truly like going home again to a simpler and happier time. I really love these people. Needless to say, a serious fan like myself didn't really acquire a lot of new information by watching the reunion, but I was especially happy to hear Christopher say that he considers the film the greatest movie version of a stage musical . . . in all truth, I've never really gotten the impression that he despised the film as is so often alleged, so hopefully his comments on this show--coupled with his obvious affection for his movie family--will finally lay this myth to rest. Thought everyone looked great and had interesting things to say. As joyous an event as the movie it celebrated!

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