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So Much More Than The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews Oscar Julie Andrews has, throughout her long career, won many awards, including an Emmy, an Oscar, a Golden Globe and BAFTA awards, a rare achievement for one person.

How many actresses can say that they have performed on Broadway, sung and acted in over 20 films, starred in their own television shows, released both CDs and DVDs, written a number of successful children's books, and taken on the roles of both producer and director?

“She is my favourite diva because she can sing, dance, act, direct and write books! She is marvellous.”
Kristen USA

Julie Andrews So how much do you know about this great star? Would you like to find out more…

Where and when was she born? How did she first get into acting? Plus more interesting facts about her early years and her stage debut on Broadway.

How many other films has Julie appeared in? Which movie can you see Julie Andrews topless? We have a complete list of Julie Andrews films and the roles she played.

How was the unforgettable opening sequence of The Sound of Music filmed? Which scene did 'Maria' suffer from an uncontrollable fit of the giggles when filming? Find out more about Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

muppet showDid you know that she and Christopher Plummer appeared in another TV show together years after their first appearance in The Sound of Music? Check out her other TV and Radio appearances over the years.
(My favourite TV program was Julie singing on the Muppet Show in 1977).

I mentioned previously about some of the famous awards that she won, but what about the nominations and some of the lesser known awards that she also picked up?

Would you recognize her pen name? Who is Dumpy or the Great Whangdoodles? Find out more about Julie as a successful author of children’s books.

Last Christmas I was lucky to receive in my stocking one of Julie’s CDs. Her four-octave voice was legendary, so what else has she produced in her musical career? Check out her vast collection of CDs and vinyl LPs in our store – you won’t be disappointed!

What was Julie’s first word that she uttered? Find this out by reading her recent autobiography ‘Home – A Memoir Of My Early Years’. Why not sit down and enjoy reading some of the many fascinating books available about this amazing performer and person……

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