Julie Andrews Films -
A Complete List of Movies
That She Starred In

The Julie Andrews films list starts with her earliest work.

1952 The Singing Princess (La Rosa di Bagdad) Princess Zeila Voice. Originally made in 1949, this Italian animation was Julie Andrews' film debut, and her first venture into movie voice overs. A delightful animated movie. It's based on the Arabian Nights stories. Winner of the International Children's Film Festival.
1964 Mary Poppins Mary Poppins Academy Award for Best Actress - Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
1964 The Americanization of Emily Emily Barham Emily is a noble British war widow who falls for a feckless US soldier. This was the first of the big American Julie Andrews films after leaving Camelot on Broadway. The film allows her to demonstrate her talent as an actor.
1965 Salzburg Sight and Sound Herself short subject
1965 The Sound of Music Maria Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.
Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actress
1966 Torn Curtain Dr. Sarah Louise Sherman A political thriller, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Paul Newman and Julie Andrews.
1966 Hawaii Jerusha Bromley The scene most filmgoers remember is Julie Andrews' agonizingly convincing childbirth sequence.
1967 Think Twentieth Herself short subject
1967 Thoroughly Modern Millie Millie Dillmount Julie Andrews plays an adorable and delightful Millie in this enjoyable and sometimes sarcastic spoof of the 1920s.
1968 Star! Gertrude Lawrence She's in every scene! Great for the Julie Andrews fan!
1970 Darling Lili Lili Smith (Schmidt) As the ads for the film state "Julie sizzles, she dances, she spies." The "sizzle" is the love scenes between Andrews and co-star Rock Hudson, filming them in the shower together. As with many Julie Andrews films, there is plenty of dancing, although in Darling Lili, there is a twist, by having Andrews turn a music hall performance into a striptease.
1971 The Moviemakers Herself (uncredited) short subject
1972 Julie Herself documentary
1974 The Tamarind Seed Judith Farrow An espionage thriller starring Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif.
1978 Pink Panther Strikes Again Angela Jarvis voice - singing "Until You Love Me" on the soundtrack.
1979 10 Samantha Taylor Julie plays Sam, Dudley Moore’s girlfriend.
1980 Little Miss Marker Amanda Amanda is the owner of a mansion where an undercover casino is planned to be opened.
1981 S.O.B. Sally Miles A film-within-a-film: a fading movie producer decides that to make a successful movie, get an actress famous for her wholesome image to appear in the nude on the screen. So guess what? Yes, Sally Miles actually bares her breasts; not quite Julie Andrews nude, but definitely Julie Andrews topless!
1982 Victor/Victoria Victor/Victoria Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.Refused to accept a Tony nomination for her performance as she felt the rest of the cast and crew, including director/husband Edwards, had been “egregiously overlooked.”A transvestite musical with a fantastic performance from Julie who is a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.
1982 Trail of the Pink Panther Charwoman She was uncredited, so this is one of the lesser known of the Julie Andrews films. She filled a small role as a cleaning lady as a favor to her husband. Look out carefully for her.
1983 The Man Who Loved Women Marianna Julie is an attractive psychiatrist to whom David (Burt Reynolds) must explain everything.
1986 That's Life! Gillian Fairchild Julie is at the center of this movie, going through a crisis - a throat ailment that may be cancer.
1986 Duet for One Stephanie Anderson Portrays a violinist suffering from multiple sclerosis.
1991 A Fine Romance Mrs. Pamela Piquet The husband of Pamela and the wife of Cesario are having an affair. Pamela and Cesario devise a way to get their spouses back. A light hearted comedy. Also known as Cin Cin in USA.
2000 Relative Values Felicity Marshwood Julie stars as the Countess of Marshwood who is subjected to her son bringing home an American movie star he plans to marry.
2001 The Princess Diaries Queen Clarisse Renaldi Her first Disney film since "Mary Poppins". Anne Hathaway as Mia, takes lessons from her grandmother, Queen Clarisse, who is trying to train her teenaged granddaughter to be a princess. Julie has said that the Queen "was a wonderful role for someone like me to play, because I can kick up my heels and wear those gorgeous Valentino clothes."

"We only hinted at a relationship (between Clarisse and Joseph) in the first one. You wouldn't believe how many people came up to me and asked 'Are you and Joseph going to get together? Was there something going on between you two?'"

Julie Andrews talking about her role as Queen Clarisse Renaldi

Here are the rest of the Julie Andrews films, to the present day.

2002 Unconditional Love Herself Julie Andrews sings 'Getting to Know You' on a turbulent plane journey.
2003 Eloise at Christmastime Nanny Her third role as a Nanny
2004 The Cat That Looked At A King A grown up Mary Poppins She takes two children on an adventure into the chalk drawings on the pavement.
2004 Shrek 2 Voice of Queen Lillian The first time Julie Andrews has used her astonishing voice in a fully animated film. She is the British voice of Queen Lillian, Princess Fiona's mother.
2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Queen Clarisse Renaldi Queen Clarisse guides Princess Mia in coping with being a member of Genovia's royal family. Sang "Your Crowning Glory". The first time Julie Andrews had sung in public or on screen since she had throat surgery in 1997.
2007 Shrek the Third Queen Lillian Voice - plays Shrek's Mother-in-law, Queen of Far Far Away.
2007 Enchanted Voice Narrator's voice at the start and the end of this animated, romantic fantasy film.
2010 Tooth Fairy Lily She plays Lily, a supervisor in the Tooth Fairy Dept. in the new comedy-fantasy film, released 22nd January 2010.
2010 Shrek Forever After Queen Lillian Voice - release date 21st May 2010. The fourth in the Shrek series.
2010 Despicable Me Voice 3D computer animation film about a character called Gru who plans to steal the moon. Release date 9th July 2010.

If you are curious, find out which awards and nominations Julie received for the films that she appeared in.

When you have time, why not try to see some of these Julie Andrews films to really appreciate her talents...

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