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The wonderful Julie Andrews collection of books are published under her name, as well as the pen names Julie Andrews Edwards and Julie Edwards. Some of her books are co-written with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. In many of Julie Andrews’ books you can find a good story line and an inspiring message with high morals. She is a gifted writer who deserves the popularity and recognition she receives in the literacy world.

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Here are the Julie Andrews Collection of books, starting with her earliest work:

Mandy (1971)
(As Julie Edwards) Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee (1975-1976)Mandy

This book was the first novel in the Julie Andrews Collection, and was written for her step daughter, Jenny. It is about a lonely orphan child who climbs over the wall of her orphanage to find a place of her own to call home. This is a beautifully written story, that portrays Mandy’s emotions in a simple way. However these emotions are still very profound, just how children experience their own emotions.

Last of the Great Whangdoodles (1974)
(As Julie Edwards) Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee (1976-1977)Whangdoodles

The second book in the Julie Andrews Collection is about three children, Ben, Tom, and Lindy Potter who meet the eccentric Professor Savant. They are invited to go on an adventure to find the last of the really great Whangdoodles, wise and magical creatures who have disappeared because people no longer believe in them. Along the way, the children meet many amazing creatures, learn a little science, and come to understand the value of having an open, curious mind.

“There are many things you learn from books. You learn about new worlds, imagination, and how to believe. Well, this book acquires all of these things. “The last of the really great Whangdoodles” is such a good book for the young and old. It is one of my favorite books because it made my imagination ten times stronger than it was before.” Anon.

A classic children's fantasy book from the Julie Andrews Collection, that is high on morals.

Little Bo: The Story of Bonnie Boadicea (1999)
(As Julie Andrews Edwards)

This is a tale about a small grey cat Little Bonamed Boadicea, "Bo" for short. Bo is separated from her brothers and sisters, but then Bo meets Billy, a first mate on a fishing trawler. Bo and Billy go on a journey, travelling from England down to the south of France, looking for work. It is a story full of friendship and loyalty amidst the dangerous adventures they encounter. Maybe after reading this book, children will feel that although, like Bo, their size may be small, they can still achieve great things. The ending leaves the door open for a sequel.

Dumpy Series (2000)
(As Julie Andrews, and Emma Walton Hamilton)

Dumpy I was delighted to find that Julie Andrews, her daughter, and her ex-husband, Tony Walton collaborated in writing such an imaginative series as Dumpy the Dumptruck books. The Dumpy books are a series from the Julie Andrews Collection, about trucks and tractors on Merryhill Farm. Dumpy is a rusty old dumptruck who is saved from the junkyard by the farmer's son, Charlie. Together with his grandfather, they restore Dumpy to his former glory. Many adventures follow in the rest of the series.

Dumpy the Dumptruck 2000
Dumpy at School 2000
Dumpy and His Pals 2001
Dumpy's Friends on the Farm 2001
Dumpy Saves Christmas 2001
Dumpy and the Big Storm 2002
Dumpy and the Firefighters 2003
Dumpy to the Rescue! 2004
Dumpy's Happy Holiday 2004
Dumpy's Apple Shop 2004
Dumpy’s Extra Busy Day 2006
Dumpy’s Valentine 2006

Little Bo In France: The Further Adventures of Bonnie Boadicea (2002)
(As Julie Andrews Edwards)Little Bo in France

This is the sequel to Little Bo, which takes Bo and her friend Billy on a trip through France. They travel to Paris and visit The Eiffel Tower and Montmartre. They meet new people, and take in all the sites of this different country, by setting off on a barge heading for the South of France.

Simeon’s Gift (2003)
(As Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton)

Simeon's Gift This is a fairytale for young children about beauty, music and the power of giving.
The story is about a minstrel who learns, through encounters with a bird, a faun, and a fish, that his “Gift” is just being himself and letting the music pour from his heart and soul. The book combines Julie Andrews’ passion for children’s literature along with her passion for music.
Simeon’s Gift is one of the Julie Andrews Collection that has been set to music and performed at the Hollywood Bowl. The concert was performed on July 18th and 19th 2008 as part of the Bowl’s summer season. The music was written by the conductor, Ian Fraser, performed by the guests, and narrated by Julie Andrews herself.

Dragon: Hound of Honor (2005)
(As Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton)Dragon

Set in medieval France, this story is about an Irish wolfhound named Dragon. He is intelligent and loyal, and helps to solve the murder of his master. There is an unexpected and shocking conclusion about his master’s death. It is a tale of a real hero.

“Best-selling authors Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton weave a tapestry of intrigue, power, loyalty, and friendship in this novel based on the captivating French legend of Montargis.” New York Times

The Great American Mousical (2006)Mousical
(As Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton)

This story takes place beneath a theatre known as The Sovereign, where a group of mice are rehearsing for their own show, but the production is threatened by the demolition of the real theatre and the disappearance of one of the leading mice.

Thanks to You: Wisdom from Mother and Child (2007)Thanks To You
(As Julie Andrews Edwards)

Written by the best mother-daughter team, this book shows photographs from the authors' extended family collection. As well as the photographs there are short verses that celebrate the lessons mothers and children can learn from one another.

“Thanks to you . . . a cloud becomes a castle for a king
Thanks to you . . . I notice wonder in the smallest thing”

an extract from the book

Home: A Memoir of My Early Years (2008)
(As Julie Andrews)
New York Times bestseller (Nonfiction, 2008)
National Best Book Award (Autobiography/Memoirs, 2008)

An autobiography written by Julie Andrews. The title "Home" was chosen because it was the first comprehensible word she'd said as a child.

"My father was driving his secondhand Austin 7; my mother was in the passenger seat beside him holding me on her lap. As we approached our modest house, Dad braked the car to turn onto the pocket-handkerchief square of concrete by the gate and apparently I quietly, tentatively, said the word 'Home.' . . . The word has carried enormous resonance for me ever since."

The book gives a good account of how Julie went into show business, and how she rose to fame. It also gives an insight into what she went through as a child and a young adult.

“Andrews' voice comes through very clearly in the written text.” Anon.

Julie Andrews Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies (2009)
(As Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton)

poems-songs-lullabies This addition to the Julie Andrews Collection has a selection of classic and modern poems, theatrically and playfully read out loud by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton onto a CD. The audio version includes Julie and Emma reading twenty-one of the poems, some have been written by William Wordsworth, E.C. Wells, Emily Dickinson, as well as Julie and Emma themselves. Both children and adults can enjoy this book, as it is timeless, delightful, and with beautiful illustrations is of a very high quality.This book won Andrews and Walton Hamilton a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children in February 2011.

Little Bo in Italy: The Continued Adventures of Bonnie Boadicea (2010)
(As Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton)
Julie Bo
Billy and his cat, Bo, go on an adventure to Italy, where they visit the famous sights in Pisa and Rome. Little Bo is trying to find her lost brothers and sisters, portraying a message that the family is very important. The story is also saying that being small does not matter, you can still make a difference, whatever your size.

The Very Fairy Princess (2010)
(As Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton)
Julie Princess
Geraldine tells everyone that she is a fairy princess because she knows it and feels it inside. This book is a story about believing in yourself, that you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you let the sparkle out! Children will feel good about themselves and life after reading this wonderful book.

Treasury For All Seasons (2012)
(as Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton)
Treasury For All Seasons The latest offering in the Julie Andrews Collection, this is a book of many poems, both old and new, celebrating each special day of the year, telling of New Years resolutions, Valentine's Day love, Easter parades, fireworks on 4th July, and much more. Through each of the changing months, illustrator Marjorie Priceman's vivid watercolor paintings bring the seasons to brilliant life. The book features verse and poetic lyrics from favorites like Walt Whitman, Cole Porter and Oscar Hammerstein, with introductions by Julie Andrews describing some favorite family holiday moments. Perfect for families to share together.

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