Fill Your Interactive Fun Pack With...
Fun Items! Easy To Make Items! Cheap Items!

When you enter the theatre, you will find your interactive fun pack on your seat. It is a bag full of different props to be used at various times throughout the show.

No need to panic, as I did, when opening the bag….. all will be revealed by your compere of the evening. She will direct you through each item, when it is needed and what you have to do with it.

If you prefer to hold your own Sound of Music Singalong in the comfort of your own home, here are a few ideas for your own fun pack, also known as an audience response kit:

• Cloth – wave it around when Maria is looking for some material to make the children’s play clothes.

• Flashlight – to shine when Rolf is looking for the Von Trapp family.

• Plastic bunch of flowers – to wave during the Edelweisss song. interactive-pack

• Whistle – blast away when the Captain calls for his children.

• Captain Crunch Cereal – grab a handful and eat some every time Christopher Plummer says “You may call me Captain”.

• 2 Prompt cards (one with a question mark on one side and the word ‘Maria’ on the other. The second card can have the words ‘will-o’-the-wisp’ on one side and ‘flibbertigibbet’ on the other) – each side to be held up and turned around at the appropriate time when singing “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”

• Champagne party popper – to pull when Maria and Captain have their first kiss.

(As our compere said, ‘Don’t pop early – that can be very disappointing for women'!!!)

Use your imagination! If you have any more great ideas to add to your interactive fun pack, why not share them with us?

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