I Went As Myself But Wait 'Til You Hear What Happened!

by Greg May
(Orlando, Florida)

I'm crazy about that helicopter shot at the beginning of the Movie when Maria does her famous twirl in the meadow so, when I learned The Sound of Music Singalong was coming to a theatre near Orlando I just had to imitate her twirl and show off my lipsync talent. I even went so far as to count how many steps I had to take to the center of the stage before she did her twirl. So as the meadow appeared in the distance on the screen and loomed closer as the music began to build, I got up out of my seat and headed for the stage. Wouldn't you know it this big, fat lady that was dressed as a German frau got up out of HER seat and blocked my path and I missed my chance! I was so heartsick.

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