by Gemma

It was really great to have them all together after 45 years of the making of The Sound of Music, it great how they all kept in touch all these years. The film is great and the actors are too. I have been a big fan of the film since I was 10 years old, now at 28 and no other film comes close for me, for I could watch The Sound of Music over and over again in one day staight though. My favorite will always be Julie Andrews, I just love her singing, but I also have to say Christopher Plummer back then, wow (HOT) or what :) and his voice, so firm.

I also have to admit the children in the film played great characters, and looking at them how they are now, I say it was how they were and are in real life. To everyone who was a part of the making of The Sound of Music should be proud, as it's hit so many hearts and minds of people around the world, is still going strong today and probably always will. Great singing from the von Trapp children too, I think that finished the show off nicely.

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