Couldn't wait to see the Oprah Show on SOM

by Colleen
(Indianapolis, IN)

I absolutely could not wait until this show aired yesterday. I practically cried throughout the whole thing. I was only 7 when our family went to see Sound of Music and to this day, it is my favorite movie of all time. It has been shown twice here in our city of Indianapolis at a dinner theatre and my husband is amazed that I know so much dialogue of the movie as well as all of the songs. I even had a crush on Christopher Plummer then because I thought he was so handsome!

When watching the show on Oprah yesterday, it was so so good to see what everyone is doing now and how much they still are a part of the movie that affected so many of us. The von Trapp great-grandchildren singing was absolutely beautiful and it was hard not to mist up during it!!!

Thanks so much, Oprah for airing this delightful show!

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