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Christopher Plummer has been described as:

“One of the most incisive and exciting actors of the English speaking world” - John Simon, New York Magazine

Captain von TrappThe most famous role that Plummer has played is that of Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music. He was chosen because he was a talented actor, handsome, dignified and was absolutely perfect for playing The Captain. Christopher Plummer said after watching the movie a few years ago:

“I felt a sudden surge of pride that I’d been a part of it”

Read about Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music.

TolstoyAs well as having the leading male role alongside Julie Andrews as Maria, in The Sound of Music movie, Plummer has starred in many other films. In fact he has been in over one hundred and twenty-five, starting in 1958 and continuing to this very day. one of his most recent most films, Last Station was about the life of author Leo Tolstoy. For this performance he received a personal Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor at the 2010 Oscars.

“Well, I said it’s about time! I mean, I’m 80 years old for God’s sake. Have mercy.” - Christopher Plummer 2010

He has received many Emmy, Tony and other awards over his fifty year career, but had never previously been nominated for an Oscar. Plummer said that it was very nice to be honored, (even though he did not get it), and felt very proud to be in that group of four other very fine actors.

 He went one step better in 2012 by finally winning a coveted Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the film Beginners. In doing so, he became the oldest actor to ever win an Oscar.

CaesarOf course actor Christopher Plummer is considered to be one of the finest Canadian actors on the stage. He has been in many stage productions, playing most of the great Shakespearean roles, especially on Broadway and London’s West End. He has been described as ‘one of the finest actors alive’. On stage he is a star.

In the past, Plummer could often be heard on the radio, working both in French and in English.

Christopher is still incredibly ambitious, loves to work and is in constant demand both on television, in films and in the theater. He is busier than ever before, and puts this down to the fact that

“There’s not that many old actors. They all died. I’m one of the last men standing! I think there’s maybe four of us. I hope the other b…….s die first” - Christopher Plummer

Plummer CassetteChristopher Plummer has also recorded many audio books using his hypnotic voice to captivate the listener. He was once described as having ‘a pleasing, plummy growl.’ I personally think his voice is rather suave. He speaks with such proper diction people sometimes think Plummer is from England. But he states that he was born and raised in Canada, and his family were well read, educated people, speaking beautiful English, which is how he acquired his very distinctive voice. He also acknowledges that his theater training has helped.

In 2008 he finished writing his memoirs for his riotous autobiography ‘In Spite of Myself’. I have just started reading this book, given to me by my husband, and signed by Christopher himself. It is full of humorously told personal anecdotes. For example, the book starts with the words “I was brought up by an Airedale”! You’ll have to get hold of a copy to find out what he means! Christopher PhotoMuch of the book focuses on all the many actors that he has worked with during his career, particularly on the stage. He says

“I wanted people to know how one develops through working with other extraordinary actors and actresses, what one learns.”

The book touches on Christopher Plummer’s personal life, where he was born, who raised him and about his lovers and his wives. He says he could have been a classical or jazz pianist, but thought it would have been too lonely an experience for him. So far, it has made extremely interesting reading. I cannot wait to read more!

To sum up his life as an actor, Plummer says:

“I love my profession. It keeps me young. It’s my hobby as well as my profession…………It’s a great profession if you’re lucky at it. I’ve had a wonderful life, seen the world and they’ve paid for it!”

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