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Chris BookThe Christopher Plummer biography, ‘In Spite of Myself’, was released in 2008. Plummer has said that this book turned out to be longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace, but that he tried to make it a novel rather than an autobiography. It is a very entertaining book about this extremely talented actor, who has led a very colourful life.

Plummer writes about his affairs, his wives, his one child, his friends, the great producers he has worked with as, well as the many talented actors and actresses during his stage and film career.

In this Christopher Plummer biography, you will read that Plummer was born on Friday 13th December 1929 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (not in 1927, as some books and websites state), and that he was named Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer. His mother, Isabella Mary Abbott and his father John Orme Plummer divorced when Plummer was only a year old. After his parents separated, he went to live in Montreal with his mother, where he lived a privileged life, attending Jennings Private School.

He had his first experience of acting on the stage at school and soon became very successful in this field, becoming one of the best Shakespearean actors of his generation.

Amanda ChristopherIn 1956 he married actress Tammy Grimes and had one child on March 23rd 1957. They named her Amanda Plummer, after the character Amanda Payne, which her mother played in Noel Coward’s, 'Private Lives'. Amanda also became an actress in her own right, which resulted in Christopher, Tammy and Amanda being the only family to have all won Tony awards for their work in the theater. These are their award winning performances:

Christopher Plummer in ‘The Dark is Light Enough’ 1955
Tammy Grimes in ‘Look After Lulu’ 1959
Amanda Plummer in ‘A Taste of Honey’ 1981

Both Christopher and Tammy’s careers, however, took up much of their attention, and the marriage was not to last. Plummer and Grimes divorced in 1960.

In the Christopher Plummer biography, Plummer tells us of his meeting with Patricia Audrey Lewis, who was a journalist at the time. Early one morning they were driving through London, back to Trish’s apartment. Trish was driving her Triumph Herald convertible, the roads were wet and she was driving too fast down the Mall. They ended up spinning off the road and hitting a lamp post right outside Buckingham Palace. Plummer escaped virtually unharmed from the accident, but Trish was seriously injured. After a very long recovery period Christopher Plummer and Trish ended up marrying on May 4th 1962. The relationship was not strong, and with Plummer’s work calling him away for much of the time and with Trish not having the will to save their marriage, they went their separate ways in 1967.

One night in 1969, according to the Christopher Plummer biography, Plummer tells us of the time when he met Elaine Regina Taylor on the set of ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ in Ireland.Elaine appeared as Cloris and Plummer as Lord Foppington. Elaine was born in Hemel Hempstead, England on October 17th 1943.

Elaine She grew up in England and went on to become an actress, dancer and producer. Elaine and Christopher fell deeply in love and eventually married in 1970. Plummer has said that because of his heavy drinking, his wife realized she had married a wreck. She did something about this and nursed him back to life again. Plummer admits that Elaine has been ‘his one true strength in his life’.

They now live happily on a thirty acre estate in Weston, Connecticut, north of New York in a hundred year old converted farm house. They both enjoy renovating houses and they worked together on their present home, Elaine as the decorator and Christopher as the architect.

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