What inspired Me To Write This Comprehensive Guide About The Best Loved Musical Of All Time...

Hi, I’m Linda ………and yes, I am a Sound of Music addict! At the age of four I saw the original screening. Now I have lost track as to how many times I’ve seen the video and DVD.

Thirty six years on , I celebrated my 40th birthday by holding a themed party at home with friends. We all dressed in costumes, ate and drank Austrian food and wines and of course watched the movie.

Later, in England , there was the organized Sing-a-long-a theater experience. What a blast!! My husband went as Maria, my daughter as a brown paper package tied up with string, my son as a German soldier, and me in my lederhosen. What a hilarious evening!

I’ve also been to Salzburg in Austria with my family retracing the steps of Julie Andrews and the rest of the cast…….

What fun, doing our own Sound of Music Tour, singing our own songs and having my photo taken amongst the Edelweiss, in the Salzkammergut region. I don't know about my kids, but I enjoyed myself as we sang ‘I Have Confidence’ in front of the Residence Fountain in the middle of Salzburg!

Linda at The Sound of Music Show Imagine my delight when Andrew Lloyd Webber announced a new production of the Stage Show in the West End of London! To find the next Maria, a TV program was screened, called “How do you solve a
problem like Maria”.
I was even tempted to audition!

Going to see my favorite musical at the theater, watching Connie Fisher perform, and buying a commemorative mug, T shirt and poster made it a day to remember.

Now living in Victoria, Canada, surrounded by our own beautiful mountains and lakes, I am still a devoted fan. I have a room dedicated to the musical………where I can play The Sound of Music CD, watch The Sound of Music DVD whilst I am ironing and sing along to The Sound of Music Karaoke.

Sometimes I just like to sit, relax with a drink of tea (with jam and bread) and read one of the many fascinating books that have been written about the amazing Von Trapp Family. One day soon I am planning to visit the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. I’ll let you know when I make it out there.

There you have it! I’ve always adored the movie……

Thinking back to that memorable day in 1965 when my Dad came home with tickets for the local cinema………………that was the start of my love affair……….

I have often thought about putting everything related to The Sound of Music together on one website. Thanks to Solo Build It, I've been able to turn it into a reality, and so I’d like to share it all with you……….

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