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Welcome to your unique and comprehensive guide to The Sound of Music, the most loved and one of the most successful musicals of all time.

Maria and the Captain dancingDiscover fascinating and revealing information on ....

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, along with the rest of the movie cast. Revealing who played who, where did they go, and what they are doing now.

The movie production crew. Who were the geniuses behind the blockbuster?

The Sound of Music Stage Shows around the world. Find out where the fabulous Andrew Lloyd Webber productions are currently playing, along with lots of smaller productions that may be showing in a theatre near you. If you have information on any local productions, in any country, please let us know through the contact us form. Thanks!

The movie, and the original Broadway show. How did it all happen? Who starred in the original show?

do re mi scene in the meadowSongs, Music and Lyrics. Teach yourself to play all the great tunes on your piano, flute, guitar, trumpet, cello and more. Sing like Julie Andrews, karaoke style!

The Sound of Music Tour. Why not visit Austria? Find out where the movie was made, visit the locations and retrace Maria’s footsteps.

The real von Trapp family. Remember, without them, there would be no SoundofMusic movie!

• The genius of Rodgers and Hammerstein. We know you know ‘Do-Re-Mi’, but what other songs and musicals did they write?

Sound of Music Party Ideas. Tips on games, food, costumes and much more for a fun packed evening!

• The unforgettable Sound of Music Singalong experiencevon Trapp family lined up.jpg - dress up, sing your heart out and use the props in your interactive bag!

Shop in our store where you can find Sound of Music gifts, merchandise and memorabilia. Our store will be growing over the coming months with lots of unique and interesting gift ideas, so make a point of checking back to see what's new.

Tell us about your Sound of Music story - share your experiences and ideas with all our visitors, all on your own Sound of Music Guide web page!

Find out more about me, and the reasons why I have written this website.

Like Maria, 'I have confidence' that you are going to enjoy The-Sound-of-Music-Guide!

The Sound of Music Fiftieth Anniversary
It's fifty years since the legendary movie was released. Find our list of events celebrating The Sound of Music Fiftieth Anniversary...
The von Trapp Family - The True Story behind The Sound of Music
The real von Trapp Family - discover amazing facts about Georg, Maria, and the rest of the family. Which of them are still performing?
The Sound of Music Broadway Show (The Original 1959 Show)
The Sound of Music Broadway Production in 1959 was a huge success. How did it all happen? Who wrote the story and the songs?
The Sound of Music Movie
The Sound of Music movie - What made it such a success? Find out about the classic songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein, the magnificent locations and the cast and crew.
The Sound of Music Cast - Who Played Who In The Movie...
Find out rare and fascinating information on all the Sound of Music cast...who were they, what they did before, where are they now?
The Sound of Music Crew - a complete list
Who were the Sound of Music crew? Find out the names of the hidden stars behind the great musical movie.
The Legendary Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews - Rare and hard to find facts about her early life, Broadway, Movies and TV, CDs, awards, books and her as an author.
Christopher Plummer
Christopher Plummer is a fascinating man. Find out more about his life, his acting career and his achievements.
Rodgers and Hammerstein
Rodgers and Hammerstein were a brilliant songwriting team. Which musicals did they write? How many awards did they win? What is the RHO doing now?
Sound of Music Songs...all the Lyrics and Music are here
Your essential Sound of Music Songs Guide is here. Play the songs on your favourite instrument. Need the lyrics? Sing a long to the Sound of Music karaoke.
The Sound of Music Tour
The Sound of Music Tour follows the footsteps of the cast and crew. See where the filming took place for this classic movie.
Where The Sound of Music Play is showing
The Sound of Music play is still showing in theaters around the World. Find out where.....
Sound of Music Singalong
Come and sing, shout out, dress up, and let yourself go at the Sound of Music Singalong. Find out all about this fun packed, alternative way of enjoying the World's favorite musical.....
Sound of Music Party Ideas
Want to organize a party? Look here for some great Sound of Music party ideas: games, themed areas, costumes, decorations, Austrian food, interactive fun pack, and more...
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Contact us with your questions, comments, or feedback. We welcome your input...
About Us - The Sound of Music Guide.com
Find out what inspired me to write this comprehensive guide about the best loved musical of all time...
The Sound of Music Blog
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Your Sound of Music Stories
Share your passion and submit your Sound of Music stories for inclusion into The Sound of Music Guide.
Sound of Music Reunion
Maria, The Captain and all the movie children will have a Sound of Music reunion for the first time on The Oprah Winfrey Show on October 29 2010.
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